What to expect at BIEG

You will complete 1 course / month, total of 3 courses / quarter.

1 quarter = 3 months

Each course consists of 2 live sessions per week, quizzes, assignments, discussions, projects... etc.

You can attend the live sessions virtually or at one of our locations.

You are required to complete 1 final project at the end of each course.

Your weekly course activities:


Every day you are encouraged to collaborate with your classmates in the Course Stream, a forum designed like a Facebook newsfeed. You can post questions in video lectures and respond to other students’ questions. Attending the Live Sessions also counts towards participation.


You will have either a daily or weekly quiz that assesses your retention of class materials. Quizzes are short and consist of multiple choice, true and false, and short paragraph questions.


Assignments are the most important activity in the course. They will be included in the final project that you submit to the instructor for review. If you pass final project, you pass the course!

If you don’t pass the final project, you don’t pass the course.